Lipstick Mistakes You Need to Stop Doing

If you do not want a sloppy ring of color that surrounds the outside of your mouth at the end of the night, do not give up the lip liner. Feathering and bleeding is never a pretty look, and the liner is essential to give lipstick something to adhere to. To avoid excessively sharp lines, try to run your lip tracer back and forth over your hand to break the point and heat the wax of your pencil after sharpening it. Wet, rounded tips (as opposed to sharply sharpened points) are optimal for creating a more natural definition. Above all, never align them in the wrong color. Outlining your lips with a shade a shade darker than your natural color of the lip will make you look instantly fuller, but be careful not to deviate too far from your innate undertone. Always avoid these make-up mistakes that make you look careless.

Lining out of your natural lip line


What is worse than neglecting the lip liner is to apply it incorrectly. While the subtle liner can work to play on top of its pout, the bare liner can quickly turn into a wildcard likeness. For a magnificent silhouette that is not very obvious, point corrector to the outer edges of the lips, then use a small concealer brush to blend it in. Afterwards, draw the lining of the lips never so slightly off of your natural lips. Try some dabbing by highlighting the shadow in the center of your lower lip after putting on your lipstick to make it look even more complete (trust us, it works wonders). Check out these nine beauty tricks to fuller false lips.

Apply too bright


While it is true that lip gloss is another easy way to make the lips look fuller, do not go to the water with it. Unless you want it to look like you just dipped your mouth in the maple syrup, have a light hand when applying. While the lipstick coating is ideal for blocking in place, layers of gloss quickly deform into a sticky mess.

Do not exfoliate beforehand


Because lipstick is famous for accenting dry spots and fine lines, it is imperative to get rid of any dry patch beforehand. Applying on cracked and cracked or patched lips will only highlight all imperfections. On the other hand, dry lips have no staying power and will cause continuous wrinkles throughout the day. If you want to achieve that smooth and even shine, be sure to treat your puckering to some scrub scrubs. (These are some perfect home remedies for dry lips).

Lipsticks that suck moisture from the lips


Matte lipsticks tend to be quite unforgiving when it comes to moisture. Always, always make sure you have hydrated generously before applying to seal in hydration. Also, do not forget to carry out the door with you so you can apply throughout the day as needed. Tip: Look for lipsticks with a higher level of natural butters, waxes and oils. Popular types are spread through mango, shea, or coconut butter, along with ingredients like vitamin E and hyaluronic acid.

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