The Masters Golf Tournament – History And Tradition

Arguably, in golfing there’s possibly no higher event than US Masters Golf Tournament. Though it’s miles one of the 4 majors of the golf calendar it has continually been considered the maximum vital foremost championship of all of them. The records and subculture of the masters golfing event is known and something the membership protects fiercely. Below are some factors that have made the tournament so prestigious and renowned.

First of all the house of The Masters has usually been Augusta National Golf Course in Georgia, within the United States. That has been a subculture seeing that The Masters become set up in 1934 by way of Clifford Roberts and Bobby Jones, who also helped design the direction together with the architect Alister Mackenzie, and to at the present time the match is played at Augusta every 12 months. The US Golf Masters Tournament is one of the oldest golfing tournaments within the international. This tournament is and has constantly been an invitation best event, where contributors of the Augusta golf equipment committee invite the golfing players who they’ve selected to compete within the event. Because of this, the quantity of gamers competing at Augusta are less than the ones in other foremost golfing championships.

Another important conventional and symbolic part of the masters golfing event is the inexperienced jacket. The eventual winner, apart from getting the coveted trophy and a massive sum in prize money, is likewise given a inexperienced jacket that is without a doubt the legitimate attire worn with the aid of contributors of the Augusta National when they are at the membership grounds. Thus, apart from triumphing a first-rate championship, each winner is likewise made an honorary member of the club. Also part of the subculture is that the champion of the preceding 12 months facilitates the brand new champion in setting on the green jacket at the realization of the masters golf tournament. The inexperienced jacket is one of the most symbolically giant parts of this golfing essential. Also the winner of the masters golf tournament is robotically certified to the other three main championships for the following five years and the masters golfing tournament for his or her lifetime. One of the more controversial traditions of the Augusta masters golf membership isn’t granting club to ladies. Though there had been diverse debates and protests in opposition to it, the tradition stands and the membership nonetheless would not supply club to women.


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